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Re: What next?

On Fri, Jun 03, 2005 at 02:25:26AM -0400, seth vidal wrote:
> > So my answer would be "if FC5 deadlines don't give you enough time to 
> > complete a given piece of work, target FC6 instead".
> Not to be rude but why the hard headed attachment to 'WE MUST RELEASE
> EVERY 6 MONTHS'. The gnome people have recently said that new and
> interesting development has been stymied somewhat by that schedule and

  This does not reflect at all un understanding of the GNOME community
There is very strong backing for time based releases. There may be
people with a different viewpoint, but it's certainly not 
"The gnome people".

> that development for gnome 3.0 is not going to fit into that schedule.

  And most of the people around the GNOME community do not want a 3.0
revolutionary release, all I heard from GUADEC last week indicated

The point is that most people/companies prefer a graceful gradual shift than
big point releases. This does not prevent big change, but it forces to
still release and take into account the evolution. To me the counter example of
Debian stable release shows clearly why a time based release schedule
is very important for the community in general. 
You think your change will take too long to implement ? Then plan this over
the time frame of multiple releases, really ! 


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