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Re: What next?

On Sat, Jun 04, 2005 15:18:34 PM -0400, John Thacker
(thacker math cornell edu) wrote:
> Having lots of different keyboard shortcuts that differ across programs
> is annoying for users, especially casual users.

FWIW: I spend roughly 40% of my computer time in Emacs, 40% in
OpenOffice. Almost every day for several hours a day. So I'm not a
casual user of those two program. And I still curse every day because:

I go OO.o after two hours of Emacs, hit C-x C-W to save, canceling
whatever was highlighted and being asked if I want to close the file
without saving.

I go Emacs after two hours of OO.o, hit C-s to save, and the program
stops until I remember that it's waiting for me to know what to

Not that with VI it would be different. And using any other editor is
not an option for me, those two are the only ones I am sure to find,
with a decent configuration, on any *nix machine I have to work.

I'd switch to any Linux distro that came configured with the same
shortcuts for Emacs and OO.o in one second...


Marco Fioretti                    mfioretti, at the server mclink.it
Fedora Core 3 for low memory      http://www.rule-project.org/

Non si vive se non il tempo che si ama.		   C. A. Helvetius

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