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Re: Zeroconf in FC5?

Daryll Strauss wrote:
> So, I'd like to see zeroconf
> really integrated in to FC5. I think it'll make network setup for a lot
> of users much easier.

So get working.  There is a lot to do.  And don't mention these foolish
attempts of integration done by some other distributions.

What is needed is another daemon (or an extended and renamed
mDNSResponder) which monitors the network and caches all entries for the
appropriate time.  The daemon needs a programming interface so that a
new NSS module can be used to query the daemon's cache of known
addresses and probably also to initiate the daemon to send out requests
for information which isn't in the cache.

I talked with the author of the current (unusable) nss_mdns module and
he plans to do something like this after I explained it to him.  But I
haven't seen any progress.

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