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Re: Firefox crippling

Enrico Scholz wrote:
caillon redhat com (Christopher Aillon) writes:

The broken (windoze-like) keybindings (which appear suddenly and without
prior confirmation although formerly the Unix like keybindings were
active) are probably caused by a Gnome2 misbehavior.

This is controlled by GNOME, actually. If you want the old bindings, there is a setting you can add to your rc file which I don't remember off the top of my head.

I do not care whether Windoze or Emacs keybindings are the default
ones (as long as they can be configured). As expressed several times,
I am just pissed off by the Gnome2 practice to *override* existing
installations with their ideas of usability.

So take your complaints up with the GNOME guys and stop pissing on me. Your flaming is not going to make me care any more about you or your causes. In fact, it is likely to make me care less.

Let me guess who gave these positive comments... Gnome2 developers... right?

Several corporate types, a few members of various media organizations, a bunch of artists, some users. A few geekier people have voiced their distaste in them --- you know what? you're complaining about GNOME, not Firefox. Go to a GNOME list instead and stop pissing on Firefox.

And yes there have been a few complaints.

Why was there no response on these complaints? E.g. these about invisible
icons (#138986) or the uglyness of the icons itself (#138984, #138988).

Sorry, I just wontfixed them with clarification.

Much like some people prefer Firefox, some prefer Epiphany. Some
prefer GNOME, some prefer KDE.  Some prefer to troll, some don't.

Trolling is sometimes the only way when the bugreports are ignored...z

Be careful, not all maintainers respond well to trolls. Trolling with some people may result in more of your items ignored.

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