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Re: Firefox crippling

caillon redhat com (Christopher Aillon) writes:

>>>This is controlled by GNOME, actually.  If you want the old bindings,
>>>there is a setting you can add to your rc file which I don't remember
>>>off the top of my head.
>> I do not care whether Windoze or Emacs keybindings are the default
>> ones (as long as they can be configured). As expressed several times,
>> I am just pissed off by the Gnome2 practice to *override* existing
>> installations with their ideas of usability.
> So take your complaints up with the GNOME guys

does not make fun... they always say: "only we are right, we are the
gods of usability, you are just a stupid user who does not have the
faintest idea about usability"...

>> Let me guess who gave these positive comments... Gnome2 developers... right?
> Several corporate types, a few members of various media organizations,
> a bunch of artists, some users.  A few geekier people have voiced
> their distaste in them --- you know what?  you're complaining about
> GNOME, not Firefox.

No. I complain about firefox. Things are fine when removing patches
25-28 from the firefox src.rpm. I do not have to touch Gnome.


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