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Re: Firefox crippling

rodd clarkson id au (Rodd Clarkson) writes:

>> >> I do not care whether Windoze or Emacs keybindings are the default
>> >> ones (as long as they can be configured). As expressed several
>> >> times, I am just pissed off by the Gnome2 practice to *override*
>> >> existing installations with their ideas of usability.
>> >
>> > So take your complaints up with the GNOME guys
>> does not make fun... they always say: "only we are right, we are the
>> gods of usability, you are just a stupid user who does not have the
>> faintest idea about usability"...
> Personally, I've filed dozens of usability bugs against gnome and for
> the most part they have been taken very seriously.

Do you remember the spartial window management in nautilus? It was a
completely experimental feature, it was tried only by a very small
userbase before, there were lot of critical voices against it -- and
the Gnome2 developers actived it without providing a way to turn it
off, and it was activated on every existing system.

Ditto for epiphany -- its experimental bookmark management was never proved
to be useful but everybody was forced to use it. Or metacity... there are
lot of wishes which are all rejected because configurability is assumed as
evil by Gnome2 developers. Or the ~/.Xmodmap + ~/.Xresources files: Gnome2
developers do not accept that people want to configure their system by
these methods and there does not exist a way to stop Gnome2 to override the
settings of these files; only stupid suggestions to delete/edit files in
/usr/share/... (which will be overridden by the next auto-update).

Or the recent firefox discussions... there are lot of critical voices
against the Gnomeification but they are rejected without giving a reason
or responding to other suggestions.

Altogether, Gnome2 is a very unergonomic piece of software. Userfriendly
software should adapt to the user, but with Gnome2 the user has to adapt
to the software. This is caused by the refusal of Gnome2 developers to
allow configuration of their software and the frequent changes of the
user interface.


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