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Re: FC4 kernel performance

Matthew Lenz wrote:

> I've noticed a considerable slowdown in performance over FC3 across
> the board. Applications take longer to launch. I/O seems to have a > much more adverse affect on system response.

I´ve noticed this slowdown, too. Very good with hdparm. On my 2 systems a Athlon64 PC and a new Inspiron notebook. That´s why I´m not more using the slower default kernel for months. There are too much unneeded things and too many server features compiled in, which are more for a server and not for my notebook/PC. Which really not needs Debugging, SELinux, RAID, 20 security features,.... No normal desktop user needs it. My girl not, my neighbour not, my best friends not, all are running a Fedora installed from me.

And thats the point. One kernel for the desktop and one for all server users, which you select at the installation or later. Is that too much?
And we never get these "slow Fedora kernel questions" again... ;)


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