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Re: FC4 kernel performance

David Cary Hart wrote:

> Nah. The end result is the same. The difference is that making the
> src.rpm in FC4 creates a source tree that can be moved to /usr/src.
> Making the src.rpm in FC3 (with only source rpm selected in the spec)
> creates a source.rpm
> The issue is portability which is a tarball in FC4 vs an rpm in FC3. I
> just think that creating an rpm is more consistent with the Fedora
> approach.

I second this.  Building custom kernels from the src rpm is
a tedious operation that requires too many steps to be carried
out manually.

Besides, I also noticed the terrible performance hit of using
stock kernels, so I'm forced to build custom kernels at least
for server machines.

Anecdotal report: my users reported poor NFS and Samba operation
over the Gigabit LAN.  I measured the ping time between my
desktop and the server: ~0.200ms.  I rebooted my desktop with
a lean custom kernel: ~0.150ms.  Then I also built a lean kernel
for the server: now I get ping times of ~0.100ms, and NFS throughput
is only limited by the speed of the RAID array (~52MB/s) or the
buffer cache (~100MB/s).

  // Bernardo Innocenti - Develer S.r.l., R&D dept.
\X/  http://www.develer.com/

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