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Re: gnome-pilot patches need applying

On Tue, 2005-06-28 at 03:14 -0700, Alex Lancaster wrote:
> >>>>> "NM" == Nigel Metheringham  writes:
> NM> Palm support seems to be especially cursed in FC4.  There are some
> NM> really low level problems - something that appears to be
> NM> kernel/udev/hotplug (or quite likely a timing related bug in that
> NM> set) that prevents even the command line pilot-xfer tools working
> NM> in many cases (which completely destroys the possibility of
> NM> gnome-pilot working).
> NM> Then gnome-pilot has a batch of bugs including timing related on
> NM> ttyUSB, broken API wrt to pilot-link (which it links to), broken
> NM> conduits and broken evolution integration.
> NM> Someone really really doesn't like this stuff :-/
> I downgraded to using pilot-link-0.11.8 on FC4 for this reason (I
> don't even try gnome-pilot let alone evolution integration), and seems
> to be working OK.  I'll file some bugs on bugzilla.redhat.com on the
> current pilot-link-0.12.0-0.pre3.0.fc4.1 included in FC4 when I get
> time.  Interestingly, the pilot-link maintainer, David Desrosiers, has
> specifically admonished distributions not to include any of pilot-link
> 0.12 pre-test versions and wait until the official 0.12.0 release:
> See the first announcement of pilot-link-0.12-pre1:
>  http://www.pilot-link.org/node/129
> and a recent posting here:
>  http://mail.gnome.org/archives/gnome-pilot-list/2005-June/msg00011.html
> I know Fedora is supposed to be bleeding edge, but is it wise to
> include a version in the distro that it's maintainer specifically
> suggests not to?  I'm curious to know the reasoning behind including
> this version in FC4.

I think we made a mistake with this.  I'm sorry for the pain this is
causing everybody.

I've been attempting to fix gnome-pilot (and evolution's conduits);
tomorrow's rawhide should have a much better version of both packages,
including numerous patches by Mark G Adams, who is currently my hero.

I'll report back when I've got more information

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