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Re: reducing distribution CD count

> Oh dear!  I'm not on a network.
> Seth Vidal also wrote:
> >On Tue, 2005-03-01 at 18:53 -0300, Alexandre Oliva wrote:
> >>How about: internet access only from work, monitored downloads, no CD
> >>burning permitted, small amount of web browsing tolerated?
> >
> >so how did the user get fedora to begin with!?
> >From a magazine cover CD?  Via snail mail from a mail order supplier?
> One day everyone will have gigabit wireless networking everywhere.
> Until that happy day some people have to use computers with poor to
> non-existent network connectivity.  Any solution that excludes them
> is incomplete.
> Ron

In a perfect world the following would be an ideal scenario IMHO:
Minimal install: CD 1 only
Desktop: (default stuff): CD1 + possibly CD 2
Workstation (again defaults): CDs 1-4
Server: (defaults) maybe CDs 1-3
Everything: CDs 1-5

Since the decision as already been made to prune in order to keep the
total size down
then I can only hope that our friends on @ the nascent fedora extras
team will wisely opt to
put ISOs out for extras as well so that the network challenged folks
can install all of the extra goodness(tm) offline.

Hopefully core will eventually include only the best of breed for each
particular app rather than having multiple applications that are used
to perform the same function. I'd venture to guess that that would
free up *lots* of space.



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