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Re: rawhide report: 20050304 changes

On Fri, 2005-03-04 at 16:12 -0500, Jeff Spaleta wrote:
> On Fri, 04 Mar 2005 15:25:39 -0500, Eric Warnke <eric snowmoon com> wrote:
> > Frank Schmitt wrote:
> > For people that just have to have the oly functionality they can build
> > the database with rpm -i --justdb --dbpath /path/to/db /path/to/all/RPMS/*
> Assuming of course they have a full cache of rpms available locally
> and not on the network.
> Speaking from my own perspective most of what I have used a local copy
> of the rpmdb for is dependancy information. But when I'm trying to
> debug something or confirm a reported problem I have used the rpmdb
> for other queries so that I dont have to pull the rpms from the net...
> especially in previous rounds of development/test release cycles.  I'm
> pretty sure at one time or another I have used queries for:
> --scripts 
> --triggers 
> --obsoletes
> --conflicts
> in an effort to identify one particular package problem or another. 
> If I can get access to the same information via queries of repodata I
> won't be impacted at all. Even if I can't recover queries against
> something like scripts.. being able to make queries against the
> requires/provides for the full set Core+Extras packages will be far
> more useful to most of the troubleshooting that i end up looking 
> into.

Scripts and triggers aren't part of the current repodata info but
*could* added to the "other" stuff along with changelogs where they wont
slow down typical depsolving activities. Pretty much everything else is,
and will be possible to query through repoquery, and some things which
haven't been possible will be, along with your favorite --queryformat
tricks (at least the basic ones :) :

[pmatilai chip repoquery]$ ./repoquery.py -a --qf "%{name} %{summary}" |
head -5
xosview An X Window System utility for monitoring system resources.
pango System for layout and rendering of internationalized text.
gimp-devel GIMP plugin and extension development kit
fluxbox Fluxbox is a windowmanager that is based on Blackbox.
gnome-libs The main GNOME libraries.

> Though i will say the dirty little trick of running an rpm -e --test
> against the full rpmdb to see what depends on a particular package was
> a mighty useful dirty trick. It would be very useful to have something
> as simple in the repoquery worldview to accomplish the same thing. Hmm
> now that I think about it.. i think Seth told me that Panu had some
> leafnode code already that can do this.

The leafnode thing is a bit different, but what you're asking for is
already possible with the prototype/in-progress repoquery: the first is
direct dependencies on "openssl" package, the second is openssl and
everything it provides against all configured repositories:

[pmatilai chip repoquery]$ ./repoquery.py --whatrequires openssl|wc -l
[pmatilai chip repoquery]$ ./repoquery.py --whatrequires --resolve
openssl|wc -l

	- Panu -

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