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Re: Printing system proposal

On Sun, 2005-03-06 at 18:09, Jeff Spaleta wrote:
> On Sun, 06 Mar 2005 23:23:52 +0100, Remco Poelstra <remco beryllium net> wrote:
> > A thread a month ago, with no real results (as far as I can judge) is
> > not really something I call 'active'.
> i'm just making sure you have read it... as a reference.  You wanted
> to have an understanding of what red hat internal discussion was....
> that thread is probably the best discussion to-date on this list
> concerning printing configuration and was conducted primarily among
> red hat developers who are spending some effort on the issue.  More
> likely than not more discussion relating to that thread has continued
> between tim and john elsewhere, since tim gave every indication that
> he was seeking input on something he was 'actively' working on the
> issue of replacing s-c-printer.
> John's posts in the thread detailing how desktop printing confuration
> is currently handled seems particularly relevant to your proposal...
> so i wanted to make sure you have read it.. so that you would be
> better prepared to talk specifics with the specific red hat
> developers.

We would like to have input on how the printing system should work from
outside developers but Jeff is right here.  You need to understand how
it currently works and what decisions have been made concerning the
printing system.  Having some design that does not take into account
what has already been discussed is of no use to anyone.  There have been
numerous pitfalls I had run into in designing the current desktop auto
configuration system in FC3 and have insight into what needs to be fixed
which was somewhat reflected in the previous thread.  One month is not a
huge amount of time as I don't think everything will be fixed in the
core 4 time frame.  The core desktop team currently have been busy
porting to the new dbus and hal api's.  That is almost done and on our
agenda is to get back to the printing issues.  At that point I will look
more closely at your proposal.  

BTW you need to illustrate the system/session split in your proposal. 
On an initial glance the flow looks wrong to me (things like you will
never get cups accepting dbus commands directly).  It needs to be more
detailed.  Thanks.


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