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Re: vte for FC3/FC4 testing

tir, 08,.03.2005 kl. 00.35 -1000, skrev Warren Togami:
> Seeing that nobody at RH changed vte since November 2004, I went ahead 
> and made this test package.  Since changes to vte are usually quite 
> sensitive I am testing it out-of-tree first.  If you are annoyed by the 
> glacial slowness of FC3 gnome-terminal, try the below packages.

the best compromise between speed and smooth output in the terminal and
I *think* I found something that should be ok. If others want to
experiment with those values to see if it can be improved further that
would be nice. The other speedups are partly from the patches already in
FC3 and also some new performance patches from Benjamin Otte.

> http://people.redhat.com/wtogami/temp/vte-FC3/
> http://people.redhat.com/wtogami/temp/vte-FC4/
> * Mon Mar 07 2005 Warren Togami <wtogami redhat com> 0.11.12-1
> - upgrade to 0.11.12
> - remove upstreamed patches (0-2, 5-9)
> - disable patch3, either not needed anymore, or needs rewriting
> - reverse patch4, because upstream merged its horrible brokenness
> - test Novell's excessive malloc for new terminals patch v3
>    (GNOME #160993)
Great that this went in so it can get more testing before inclusion
upstream. I think Novell are shipping with this patch in SuSE 9.3 also.

> Some TODO items...
> 1) Test the above packages.  Is it any worse in rendering stuff than the 
> previous FC3 or FC4 vte?  I hope to push something similar to FC3 
> updates and FC4 soon.
> 2) It seems that upstream made a new vte-0.11.12 release with most of 
> Fedora's patches + more stuff.  This is good.
> Unfortunately they also merged Patch4: 
> vte-0.11.11-fix-update-order.patch which was commented out since late 
> October since it totally screwed up rendering [1].  This is bad.  Makes 
> me wonder if they actually TESTED 0.11.12 before releasing it upstream...
Of course it was tested. Nobody reported any problems with rendering
with the patch included and I can't reproduce the problems you're
describing myself either. I tried building stuff cat'ing large amounts
of text ls + ENTER etc.

> So anyway all I did was uncomment the patch4 and add -R to reverse it, 
> and it seems to be working fine.  I totally don't know anything about 
> GNOME upstream development, so it would be great if someone could make 
> sure this is reversed upstream too.
There were references to the patch in bugzilla.gnome.org where it was
said to be working also. I'll try to find the details.

> 3) Patch3: vte-0.11.11-vertical-scroll-ctrl-seq.patch clashes in this 
> new version.  It seems that part of it was introduced in the new 
> upstream version.  For now I commented it out.  Can someone figure out 
> if this patch is no longer needed, or needs to be rewritten?
I noticed that too when I was applying the patches from Fedora. Revision
1.405 of vte.c in GNOME CVS is the one that causes the conflict I think.
It looks like the patch can be dropped maybe?

> [1] Run gnome-terminal, type ls, hit ENTER a few times.  What should be 
> the bash prompt turned into a black bar.  You'll see lots of similar 
> rendering trouble while building something too... like vte.
As I said, I can't reproduce any of this here. Do you have pointers to
reports of these problems in bugzilla or anywhere else?


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