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Self-Introduction: Ralf Ertzinger


I have been reading (and writing) on this list for some time, but have not
made a formal introduction yet. Sorry for that, this shall be remedied.

My full (legal) name is Ralf Ertzinger. I live in Kiel, northern Germany, and
am a student of meteorology, currently writing my diploma thesis. I am working
part time for a local company providing meteorological services doing model
implementation and system administration. I have worked for a local ISP before,
doing system and network administration. I have been working with RPM for
several years for local packaging, none of this has been published.

My immediate goal is to get the beep media player into FE, longer term to
try and get enlighenment CVS into FE. If time permits, I am willing to do QA,
if time permits.

I have not taken part in any open source projects, yet. I am fluent in perl,
bash, not-so-fluent in PHP, I can read C and fix things if the code is not
too obfuscated, but I do not really like the language. Partial FORTRAN,
hardly python.

I can think of no good reason why anyone not knowing me in person ought
to trust me more than necessary, after all, I could have made all this up.
I did not, but you can not reliably check this. My current signature was
randomly generated. I swear.

I have a gpg key, but not for the address I am currently posting with.

The key is for ralf camperquake de and ralf skytale net, is available
at the ususal places, and reads like this:

[sun nausicaa ~ :) 7]$ gpg --fingerprint ralf camperquake de
pub   1024D/08DBE734 2003-04-02
      Key fingerprint = D730 32DF DC4F 6217 11A7  A712 A3C3 5151 08DB E734
uid                  Ralf Ertzinger <ralf skytale net>
uid                  Ralf Ertzinger <ralf camperquake de>
sub   2048g/5AA35A72 2003-04-02

"This isn't all true."  -- Steven Wright

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