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Re: Old kernel RPMS

On Sun, 2005-03-13 at 18:06 -0500, Sean wrote:
> On Sun, March 13, 2005 1:59 pm, Paul Iadonisi said:
> I'm afraid I have to agree with Jeff here, Paul.<g>

  Well...I don't!  So there! ;-)

> No, you're only required to provide 3 year availability if you neglect to
> distribute source code along with object code in the first place.  Notice
> that section 3b of the GPLv2 is not enforced if distribution is carried
> out in accordance with section 3a.

  Ah.  I'll have to take a closer look at that.  Makes sense, though.
It *seemed* to me that Red Hat was in compliance, but it's not like I
read the GPL that often, so I was recalling the part about making it
available for three years, but not the other relevant parts.  Who would
read it often?  Like any license, it's written in drab legalese.

> Anyone who sees a need for this service could provide it for themselves or
> for others.

  There was at least one mirror that had two or three (or more) revs
back, but for the life of me I can't remember which one, and haven't
been able to find it again.

>   But developers probably have less of a need for this than
> testers do.

  Possibly.  I suppose developers can always use cvs to get what they
need.  But that still leaves out the problem of older official updates
to releases disappearing.  I'll see if I can find that mirror that kept
multiple revs of rpms in rawhide...maybe it also had multiple revs back
in the updates as well. 

-Paul Iadonisi
 Senior System Administrator
 Red Hat Certified Engineer / Local Linux Lobbyist
 Ever see a penguin fly?  --  Try Linux.
 GPL all the way: Sell services, don't lease secrets

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