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Re: A more efficient up2date service using binary diffs

On Wed, 2005-03-16 at 14:06 +0000, Joe Desbonnet wrote:
> We have to set realistic expectations here. There seems to be some
> reluctance within Redhat to upgrade the current update mechanism.  I
> doubt we will get any of their programmers working on it.

There is an additional restriction:-
      * It will be much harder to sell this if special software -
        especially any server (which would likely give firewall problems
        anyway) or web server plugin is required to support this.

Remember that there are a load of Red Hat/Fedora mirror sites.  Lots of
them do not get a lot of attention, and some of the biggest and best
connected would also be loath to putting extra software on to facilitate

So the ideal is something that just works with http and/or ftp.  Byte
range fetches are probably OK (for http).  Requiring an rsync server
would make things more difficult, although potentially do-able (but
remember that sometimes rsync paths are rather different to the http


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