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Sorry, but just because Your mail client isn't able to display this, makes it not worse! What's wrong, having text formating and colors in a email? Whould you prefer reading internet pages just in plain text? Or reading a book without any formatting? The additional code in html transports additional information! And by the way: The mail was written using Thunderbird not with the outlook virus catcher.


Chris Adams schrieb:

Once upon a time, Alexander Bostrm <abo kth se> said:

It was a multipart/alternative message with both HTML and plain text.
There's nothing wrong with those. (I would actually *prefer* if people
would send such messages instead of just the plain text, as long as the
HTML is sane. No colours, backgrounds and fancy fonts, just <p>, <br>,
<strong>, <em>, <blockquote>, <pre>, <tt> etc.)

Multipart/alternative text and HTML is the worst waste there is. The vast majority of the time, the HTML markup is just auto-generated stuff, so all it really ends up being is a more than double-size message.

Mostly such email is spam (I drop such messages to my main mailbox).

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