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Re: RFC: Optimizing for 386 (Part 2)

> No, they aren't.  Not a single objective benchmark or measurement.  Just
> "it feels faster" with no proof that it's not just a placebo effect.
> You might have set out to prove something, but you haven't even started
> to do so yet.  Show some benchmarks.  Show how much quicker the X
> rendering show.  Show how much smaller the latency is.  Prove it.

He did the hard part of recompiling the distro, and he probably wanted
to get that released to users as soon as possible.

> of RAM, but only ask for a paltry 80GB 7200 disk?  Either you have no
> clue what you're doing, or you're trying to scam people into buying your
> new gaming box for you.  Either way, I certainly hope nobody gives you
> any money for that thing.  *snicker*

There's no need to be a prick in public.

He's not the only one that believes compiler optimizations have an
effect at runtime (if he was, Gentoo wouldn't exist).

Now that he's done the hard part of rebuilding the distro, and is
providing it to everyone at his cost, hopefully users of his packages
will submit quantitative and qualitative benchmarks of their favorite

Then again, his RFC was to the attention of "Linux Naysayers", so I
guess he was expecting and inviting the response of rude and
inconsiderate folks like yourself.


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