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Re: Firefox slows down pc......

On Sun, Mar 27, 2005 at 07:46:07PM +0300, Kaspars wrote:
>  Hi,
>  I search and don`t see that there is topic about my problem yet and 
> don`t know is this here...
>  I`m using fresh FC3 reinstalled for week and updated, problem is that 
> something like to eat my pc power and I found that it is firefox... New 
> firefox when opened couple tabs (last 5) and all try to download some 
> site was fulling my memory/processor, top of the "top":
> 19.0 10.1   2:10.66 firefox-bin
> 10.2 50.3  11:52.26 X
> and load start to fullfill: load average: 5.31, 3.43, 1.98
> Last time load was go so high that something kill some process and pc 
> freeze. Only reboot help...
> So I`m thinking what to do, I have all updated etc. Start to think to 
> compile maybe by my self ff. Don`t know what to do...
> Pc is year old Toshiba Satellite with p4 and 256ram.

Attached is a testcase that shows high cpu usage for both firefox and mozilla.
It contains a few animated gifs. I resize my browser so the bottom part of the 
page, including the animated gif in it, is outside the window. There are still 
4 instances of the same gif visable.  CPU usage in this case is just a few %.

Now when I scroll the bottom part into view so that the 5th instance of the gif
becomes visible, cpu usage rises to 30% or 40%!

If other people can reproduce this I can file a bugzilla...

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