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Re: kernel source code

ons 2005-03-30 klockan 10:07 +0000 skrev not disclosed:
> Dear All,
> RE: In order to eliminate the redundancy inherent in providing a separate 
> package for the kernel source code when that source code already exists in 
> the kernel's .src.rpm file, Fedora Core 3 no longer includes the 
> kernel-source package. - 
> http://fedora.redhat.com/docs/release-notes/fc3/x86/
> I think this is a big mistake - kernel-source didn't harm anyone and 
> removing it hugely increases the amount of hassle involved in any kernel 
> upgrade.  You have to accept that fedora users will be using stuff that lies 
> outside the fedora world of nicely packaged programs and this means that 
> users need the source code.  

What do they need it for, exactly?

> The hassle involved with this elimination of 
> the kernel source code package is irritating enough for us to consider using 
> another distro when we come to change from FC2.

Did you read the instructions in the release notes for obtaining a
buildable kernel source tree?


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