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Re: kernel source code

ons 2005-03-30 klockan 12:48 +0000 skrev not disclosed:

> I am detecting a degree of hostility from the posts I have received,

Yes, because you only state your personal preference, without including
any *new* arguments. We've had the discussion before. If you want to
actually make an impression and convince people that you're worth
listening to you need to concentrate on *new* arguments that people
haven't heard before, and you also need to show that you are aware of
the whole picture.

For example, do you know that the distribution is on a very tight space
budget? If you want a 30M package to be included, you really need to say
what other package should be excluded instead. (An no, saying "add
another CD" isn't useful, because that's another discussion we've had

This is a good start which you should have included in you first mail:

> Just so you all know - yes I do need the whole source code to compile my 
> drivers

But it would be nice to know what exactly it is that's missing from the
headers package.

If your argument really is "I need to compile my own kernel but I don't
want to learn how to build RPM:s" then you should just say so.


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