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IMPORTANT: xinitrc soon to be obsolete and replaced by xorg-x11-xinit and xorg-x11-xdm

In the near future, modular X will be landing in rawhide as
many are aware.  One new change this will bring, is 2 new


The xdm package is new, because it is now it's own src.rpm, not
a subpackage of xorg-x11.  The xinit package contains the xinit
binary, and it's related scripts and whatnot.

A side effect of this, is that the "xinitrc" package which we
have shipped for many years, which contained the xinitrc scripts
and configs, and xdm scripts and configs - is now no longer

The various scripts/configs that were previously in "xinitrc"
will be moved into the xorg-x11-xinit or xorg-x11-xdm modular
X packages as appropriate.  This change will not occur until
modular X is integrated directly into the rawhide tree.

This message is just a heads up of this change, in order to
prepare other developers who might have packages which currently
depend on the "xinitrc" package, that depending on if/how
their package lists its dependencies, it may soon need to be
updated to do one of:

Requires: xorg-x11-xinit


Requires: xorg-x11-xdm

Possible packages that might be affected, are gdm, kdm, and
various i18n related packages such as input method servers.

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