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Re: FC5test1 devel freeze, November 14th

Ralf Corsepius wrote:
On Thu, 2005-11-03 at 16:35 -0500, Warren Togami wrote:

If you are involved in the development of Fedora Core as a packager,
here is information that will be relevant to you.

Modular X requires FE5 Fixes
The major change created by modular X is that XFree86-devel and
xorg-x11-devel are no longer provided in the buildroot.  All packages in
both Core and Extras are now expected to have BuildRequires on the
individual libFOO-devel packages of the newly split modular X.  In order
to ease into this, the current monolithic xorg-x11 package in rawhide
contains many virtual provides for libFOO-devel.  Modular X itself will
hit rawhide *REAL SOON NOW*.

Will we see corresponding "Provides: libFOO-devel = x.y.z" being added
to xorg-x11-devel for FC4/FC3 for better FC5-> FC4/FC3 rpm.spec backward

That's not a bad idea.  If somebody files separate bug reports against
FC3 and FC4, I'll try to make sure the next Fedora updates have these
virtual provides present.  That will make things even easier for
3rd party repos to share spec files between various distro releases.

Not sure when we'll make the next FC Xorg updates though, we're pretty
tied down right now. ;)  But there will be updates at some point.

Thanks for the suggestion.

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