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Re: disappointment over default acpid config

On Sun, 2005-11-06 at 18:05 -0500, Jeff Spaleta wrote:
> On 11/6/05, Richard Hughes <hughsient gmail com> wrote:
> > Well, you can still use acpid scripts if you like :-) In the g-p-m m/l
> > we are talking about ways to solve the "no X" situation, maybe involving
> > a "headless" (i.e. no gui) version of gnome-power-manager starting at
> > the login screen, or maybe just having a fallback in hal if there is no
> > g-p-m.
> don't you basically just need a tool that allows cli access to
> whatever setable options are allowed? Or is all that crap stored in
> gconf and thus can be accessed via ninja gconftool skills?

The policy is stored in g-p-m (gconf, per user) and HAL just does the
information processing (battery.time_remaining) and method heavy lifting
(Suspend, Hibernate, SetLCDBrightness, etc.).

HAL doesn't enforce any policy at all. Without g-p-m running you won't
be able to "suspend after 15 minutes of inactivity" or any cleverness
like that.

I'm not sure the "without X" argument is that important (flame retardant
suit ON..) as the typical laptop isn't booting for very long. If we load
a headless g-p-m when gdm loads, then we have 99.999% of the time


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