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Re: Open Office 2.0 - GNOME integration

Rahul Sundaram wrote:

I "lifted" the images_industrial.zip from ubuntu and made my FC4 OOo
look so much better.
I agree that Bluecurve was the best. Too bad it seems to be dead.
GNOME, Metacity Window manager theme has been changed. However the default Icon set is still Bluecurve

We were talking about the icons in OpenOffice.org.
Just before FC2 release Garrett made a huge effort and created a Bluecurve OOo icon set - http://people.redhat.com/~glesage/ooo_icons/
This was used by OOo in FC2 and FC3 ( OOo 1.1.x branch).
In FC4 we have OOo 2.0 with its default icon set, which look just like a MS Office rip-off (probably because its target was StarOffice on Windows). However, in Linux world we have alternate icon sets for OOo (the Bluecurve one is not complete) which at least are conforming with the GNOME HIG and would make a much consistent desktop experience.

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