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Re: Sabayon Screencast

BTW I know it's not really Fedora's problem, but I don't think it's
possible to install a flash-enabled i386 Firefox on x86_64 anymore

This promises to be fun at FC5 time
Hey, rpm --erase and use the installer from mozilla.org to install a 32-bit Mozilla, then install flash. Morality aside, 32-bit mplayer can still link Windows DLL's... My main frustration is that the joystick ioctls changed going to 64-bit and that breaks most 32-bit games.

Other operating systems install 32-bit applications under a 64-bit kernel. For instance, Solaris 10 installs a largely 32-bit userspace on both Sparc64 and AMD64. This has the nice effect that the same Solaris 10 disk installs on both x86-32 and x86-64. This is probably a good choice for SPARC, but AMD64 gets a performance boost from the extra registers.

64-bit Windows ships with a 32-bit IE, largely for compatibility with Active X controls.

The proprietary nature of flash burns me up too, but it's highly effective and widely used... Pretty much a requirement for any machine I use for serious web browsing. The worst thing is that a lot of sites use broken "flash detection" algorithms that assume a Linux browser will never support flash.

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