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X.Org modularization status page for Fedora Core 5

I have created a craptastic web page to keep track of the status of
X.Org X11R7 modularization with my mad w3b sk1llz.  This is an informal
page only, and isn't always 100% up to date, however since many people
have been asking how things are progressing, I wanted to make something
publically available for people to watch.

So, please bookmark the following page and refer to it any time you
would like to know what the current status of modular X.Org is for
Fedora Core 5.

If anyone notices any mistakes or omissions, please bring them to my
attention in IRC or email, and I'll try to correct the page.

Also, if anyone feels they're l33t enough to challenge my web skillz,
and wants to restructure the page to look more pretty or improve
the overall layout in any way, feel free to snarf the data and send
me back a tarball demonstrating how badly your web page hacking skillz
trounce mine.


X.Org modularization status page:

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