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Re: Services enabled by default

On Fri, 18 Nov 2005, Jeremy Katz wrote:

> > * Personal Desktop
> > * Workstation
> > * Server
> > * Custom
> Note that the install classes like this are no more.  The only
> difference they made was package selection and so it'll be far better to
> have something more descriptive than just vague terms in which 90% of
> the users pick Custom because they think they know better ;-)

Custom was the only choice for "I only burned the first CD" :)

Seriously, I think a lot of people now only use the media to kickstart
the network install. Some "minimum" install I could take on a USB frob
and pull hte rest from the network would be ideal.
And with yum doing dependancies, the above categories also become mostly
only useful for people who do not know what there is or what they want.


"Happiness is never grand"

	--- Mustapha Mond, World Controller (Brave New World)

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