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Re: init: API

On Sunday 20 November 2005 04:57am, Nicolas Mailhot wrote:
> Le samedi 19 novembre 2005 à 23:25 -0700, Lamont R. Peterson a écrit :
> > On Saturday 19 November 2005 03:18am, Nicolas Mailhot wrote:
> > > Le vendredi 18 novembre 2005 à 19:16 -0800, Pete Zaitcev a écrit :
> >
> > [snip]
> >
> > > Just use vim for syntax highlighting and xmllint to check the result.
> >
> > xmllint?  Have you ever used it for any serious XML work?
> Yes. Serious x-thousand-lines XML files processing
> >  It isn't very accurate.
> It *is* accurate. What you may have is applications which accept things
> their XML schema forbids, which is an app problem, not an xmllint one.
> In fact in my experience xmllint is one of the most accurate checkers,
> and any deviation from the specs is fixed as soon as it's reported. 90%
> of "xmllint" problems are apps which do not follow the XML spec and them
> blame xmllint for pointing out their files are buggy.

No.  The applications that I am talking about use very simple XML schemas.  
Simple enough, in fact, that us "bio-parsers" can identify that the XML is 
good in some cases where xmllint fails.

But I'm glad it works for you.

My main problem with xmllint is not that it is wrong sometimes (hey, this is 
software we're talking about, right :) ), but that when it is right about my 
XML being wrong it produces error messages that, at best, lead you the wrong 
way and, at worst, tell you *nothing* (or no error messages at all to help 
you figure out which of your 1,000,000 lines of XML is at fault).

When I compile C or C++ (among others) many times I get error messages about a 
line that is not wrong...thr problem is that the line above is missing the 
semi-colon or the braces are in the wrong spot.  But at least it's in the 
right area, usually within 1 line of the real culprit.

BTW:  I am most certainly NOT suggesting that we replace SysV Init scripts 
with C.
Lamont R. Peterson <lamont gurulabs com>
Senior Instructor
Guru Labs, L.C. [ http://www.GuruLabs.com/ ]

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