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Re: Broken video drivers in new modular X

Sadda Teh wrote:
It was somewhere suggested to use the "ati" driver and this worked for me. Apparent the "r128" driver is now a sub-module of the ati driver. All systems are now go again (except for the vesa driver, which I don't need anymore).

The "ati" driver was always the main one.  It's actually just a wrapper,
which detects which chip you have, and then loads either the "atimisc",
"r128", or "radeon" driver, depending on what it detects present.

It's been that way since XFree86 4.0, however we've just always
done the detection in our installer instead, and specified the specific
driver, rather than using the wrapper.  This worked around some bugs
a very long time ago, so we stuck with it.  It's also less codepaths
to go through, which theoretically at least gives less chance for a
bug to pop up.  Now it seems we're seeing the reverse. ;)

Should be fixed in RC3, or maybe sooner if I spot a patch for it.


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