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Re: Initializing hardware... slow

Le samedi 26 novembre 2005 à 02:25 +0530, Rahul Sundaram a écrit :
> Hi
> >
> >I doubt it would help - the slowdown is not limited to the boot process.
> >Do you think it will find anything useful ?
> >
> >  
> >
> Its worth trying. Just a suggestion.

Seems related to network calls

ntp startup is sloooow
httpd startup -> same
gaim startup -> anemic (btw the latest arts is missing lnusertemp, which
exposes the well-documented stupidity of having gnome sound depend on
kde subsystems)

I'll try bootstart tomorrow - rawhide today is so broken I'm pretty
disgusted (gaim/arts/mcop, gdm, selinux, slow startup) If I don't do
something else now I'll start writing rude things on the list.

I don't mind a new bug a day but several in a row like this before I've
even finished investigating the first one is too much for me. You got to
love the destabelizing effect of test 1 - every Red Hat packager seems
to have postponed his experimental packages for after test1 was

Nicolas Mailhot

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