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Re: status of up2date and rhn-applet

On 11/26/05, Willem Riede <wrrhdev riede org> wrote:
> It would be useful (I have often wished it did) if e.g. yum list x would not
> just tell me some release of x is installed, but also from which repo it came
> when it was installed. But I'm not sure the rpm database contains that
> information, so this may not be possible?

no that information is not part of the installed rpm database. That
information would have to be encoded in a secondard database that
supplimented the rpm database. I imagine there is a very strong
inertia against doing that sort of supplimenting.

In any event, once a package leaves a repository, there is no way to
know eaactly which repo it came from.  You can't really trust the
reponame as defined in the config, I could rename updates-released 
pooptastic-updates in the yum config and that name would have no
meaning to anyone else. Signing keys you can somewhat trust to be
authorative and unique, but signing keys are not unique per repository
tree. You can't know that a package came from updates-testing versus
updates-released based just on the package signatuire.


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