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Re: Yum and SRPMs

> But I have to wonder...for yumdownloader and repoquery to work
> efficiently it still helps to pull in metadata about the srpm repos
> during yum runs.  Out-of-date srpm information isn't particularly
> useful.

why? That's like saying - in order to work efficiently it's best if
firefox cache every page you've ever been to and all of those pages
you've NOT been to, too.

> If the magical mirrorlist and metadata caching makes it into the
> default yum configuration...how expensive does retrieving the srpm
> metadata become?

a little less than double the amount of data.

> At the very least I would certaintly want  yum makecache  to cache all
> the enabled repos including enabled srpm information.

If a source repo is not enabled then it's not enabled. The only thing
marking them as source would do is tell yumdownloader which repos to
enable if someone passed --source to it.

> I personally don't think its worth trying to turn the srpm parsing
> off. Once I enable srpm repos, I benefit more by having the srpm
> information cached locally in a state that matches the rpm
> information.  What I'm more concerned about is seeing the srpm
> information and the binary information come from different mirrors
> which are out of sync with each other.

you're really not understanding what I'm talking about.


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