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Re: Modern Update System

I did a fair bit of work on this earlier on the year. Anything that
involved modifying the existing infrastructure would never work, so
the approach I took was a virtual repository (running on localhost or
on LAN) which worked with a remote delta repository to produce a
virtual repository that delivered full updated RPMs without all the

See here: http://www.wombat.ie/software/rpmdc/

Contact me off-line if you wish to discuss further.


On 11/29/05, Benjy Grogan <benjy grogan gmail com> wrote:

> Implementing the delta updates with the yum plugin is perfect.  I'm going to
> follow this up and see what I can learn.  I hope there are others out there
> as well that are interested in working on this.  It's not my idea, but
> definitely needed your comments below to move this idea forward.

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