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Re: fc5 goals

desktop manager is not the correct decision for removal, the more important is to move typical productivity 3rd party applications to Extras. I'm a KDE user, with every new release of Gnome I try to switch to it, but it's just not usable for me, sorry guys. So, I decided to delete apps that I never use, yum remove mozilla wiped out mozilla with a bunch of gnome-related packages. Fine, I don't need the beta of OOo, yum remove openoffice removed one and about 100 gnome-related packages! Rpm-hell is alive, and waits you under yum! Okay, now I have my lovely kdm, kde, and 3rd party firefox and the latest OOo, which have their own installators. I really like the kind of Core that freeBSD provides, and it would be nice if FC will have the same tool set in its core.

Eric TANGUY wrote:
Le lundi 28 novembre 2005 à 11:56 -0800, Peter Gordon a écrit :

Josh Coffman wrote:

Anyone know where to find documentation about the
goals and improvements intended for FC5?

You might want to take a look at FC5Future[1] on the Wiki, as well.

[1] http://www.fedoraproject.org/wiki/FC5Future


Why there is so much java package included in fc5 ?
No news about early login or something like that ?
Why kde is still included in core whereas it could be in extras ?
Why some packages go directly in core and not in extras before ? Because
they were packaged by someone from redhat ? Is it sufficient ???

I saw the long discussion about what to include in or not in fc5 but maybe
the problem will be the goal of fedora ?

Is this product mainly for developpers form redhat ?

yes i know i'm joking but in fact it could be a good question, no ? Thanks


Sincerely yours,

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