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Re: fc5 goals

Paul A Houle wrote:
Yuri Prushinsky wrote:

desktop manager is not the correct decision for removal, the more important is to move typical productivity 3rd party applications to Extras. I'm a KDE user, with every new release of Gnome I try to switch to it, but it's just not usable for me, sorry guys. So, I decided to delete apps that I never use, yum remove mozilla wiped out mozilla with a bunch of gnome-related packages. Fine, I don't need the beta of OOo, yum remove openoffice removed one and about 100 gnome-related packages! Rpm-hell is alive, and waits you under yum! Okay, now I have my lovely kdm, kde, and 3rd party firefox and the latest OOo, which have their own installators. I really like the kind of Core that freeBSD provides, and it would be nice if FC will have the same tool set in its core.

   I've said it before,  but...

If you don't like the package set chosen in Fedora core, go ahead and roll your own "Hard Core" linux.

Fedora comes with a set of tools that will turn a directory full of rpm's into a linux distribution you can burn onto an ISO. Create a .torrent and you can share it with everybody. If you just want to subset Fedora, this ought to be easy.

sure, but it seems not to be such a trivial solution at the FC4 state..

Sincerely yours,

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