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[RETRY #2] Web100 kernel patch on fedora stock kernels

Quoting myself from an year ago: (19 October 2004)
Hi all,
Linux TCP/IP protocol stack is well built but it lacks a bit in

To give you an idea, my box has a 10MBit connection to the internet, and
if I try to transfer a file to a little lagged but high bandwidth host
(50ms / 100MBit) this lack of optimization will begin showing.

Even if my link will permit to transfer from this host at about
900-1000KB/s I will get only 600-650KB/s. Even using windows tuned to
broadband connection I will get 900KB/s.

This seems to be related to the tcp window scaling, and even if i try to
tune the kernel related parameters (receive/send buffer) logging the
traffic the tcp window seems to be left too small for this transfers.

Web100 (www.web100.org) is a project that has solved this issue creating
a patch that will tune every tcp/ip connection to get the best performance.

I hope this patch will be inserted in the fedora stock kernels.


In a year not a single reply.. i'm still hoping to get this in

Any idea, comment, reason to disagree, something ?


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