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Re: [RETRY #2] Web100 kernel patch on fedora stock kernels

>>>>> "RS" == Rahul Sundaram <sundaram redhat com> writes:

RS> Counting the number of occurances of the word is misleading since
RS> it appears in the spec comments several times.

I don't believe it can be both in a comment and at the beginning of a
line, since the spec file format does not have block comments.  I
could not find a single match that wasn't the direct application of a
patch.  If you have evidence to the contrary, I invite you to
enlighten me.

RS> You need to look into the source rpm or
RS> http://cvs.fedora.redhat.com and count the actual number of
RS> patches.

As I said, I am looking at a current CVS checkout.  However, if you
just count the patch files, you may be counting some that aren't
applied in the current .spec, such as
linux-2.6-debug-detect-softlockups.patch, which appears in a current
CVS checkout and in the SRPM but is not actually applied by the
current spec.

Anyway, it's a trivial matter so I apologize for spamming.  But I
relly did try to engage my brain before posting, and I do have at
least a bit of experience doing this.

 - J<

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