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My name is Darko Ilic, I`m working on Fedora live CD generator named Kadischi 

Live CDs that Kadischi generates currently use zisofs, but IMHO it would be 
much better to make them with SquashFS. According to the benchmark results 
found at http://kerneltrap.org/files/PERFORMANCE.README.txt SquashFS is far 
superior. It is faster and has higher compression ratio, and both of the 
mentioned problems are present on live CDs Kadischi generates.

I wanted to ask what are the opinions on the subject, and is there any chance 
for SquashFS to make it's way into Fedora kernel by FC5? I`ve heard it was 
submitted to LKML recently and there was some discussions surrounding that 
and that it is a likely candidate for the upstream kernel.

Since we`re trying to make the first Fedora live CDs for FC5, it would be 
really nice to have SquashFS, because it would improve the quality of the 
live CDs dramatically.


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