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Re: HostAP

Jeff Pitman wrote:
> https://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=112583
> Why?

If your question is "Why would anyone want HostAP?" then I think I can come up
with a scenario or two.

For example, you're at a meeting/seminar/whatever where a bunch of non-techies
are using laptops, there's only 1 ethernet port to the room, and no one has
networking equipment. People are muttering to themselves, "Grumble, grumble,
grumble, I wish I could connect to the Internet... but there's 30 laptops and
only one ethernet hookup."

You, being the Geek God you are, say, "Never fear, I run Linux!" You grab your
trusty laptop and ethernet cable (which you never leave home without), you
plug in, turn on, and using HostAP turn your computer into an instant access
point, complete with NAT and DHCP, and maybe even Squid. The others in the
room--all WinXP users with MBAs and such--say "Wow, It's working! I didn't
have to put in any configuration at all! No AdHoc networks, no IP address
configuration. This is amazing!"

Then an old man with a pointed hat and long gray beard stands up, points his
finger and says, "What manner of man is this, who has such great power over
networks and technology? We all have laptops too, and yet only he could
perform such a feat and save us all!"

You smile with that all-knowing sort of air, and say, "I run Linux! Behold the
power of Fedora!"

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