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Re: FC4 state of affairs and FC5

Gregory Maxwell wrote:
On 9/7/05, Gilboa Davara <gilboada netvision net il> wrote:

Second, a user that tried Fedora (and failed) or worse, a user that
switched from Fedora to <insert another distribution name here> is a
user that will never return to Fedora.
Even much worse, a switching Windows XP user, that sees a kernel panic
due to a DRI problem in anaconda is a user that will never try Linux
We will never know how many Fedora users we have lost due to the iso
boot problem (bug 159026) or the catastrophic "Linux killed my Windows
boot problem" (bug 115980)

In the days of the floppy boot it was easier... the user could just
download an updated boot floppy when the provided kernel on the CD was
unable to boot...

There really are two discussions going on here, one is about installer
updates and one is about packing updated RPMs. They may have differing
solutions, for example, it would be possible to provide the complete
installer as an image for a USB memory stick, this would allow someone
who hit an installer bug to get a fixed installer. Many systems can
boot off of USB memory sticks... at least that would help some people.

The updated package issue I 'solve' here by rsyncing the yum cache off
an existing up to date fedora box before doing a yum update... still
requires internet access but at least it is not hours of downloading
per system.

How about a semi-documented option turn anaconda into FC6-alpha installer, that way we can get early testing on the new anaconda features for FC-6, hopefully making the FC-6 installer better. This might even be an idea for each new FC-core release, include unstable installer features in a code path normally skipped and add a flag to enable them so those who need them / want to tinker can use them, which will get us some early feedback in the process.

This is ofcourse as far as the features can be coded before FC-5, but not shipped becaused of lack of testing.



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