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Request for volunteers: Find packages that rely on imake

Now that X.Org X11R7 has been autotooled and no longer uses imake
as a build system, imake is more or less deprecated by X.Org.  This
means it is about to become a second class citizen overall, and
eventually is likely to just die.

X.Org does plan on modularizing imake as part of X11R7 however, in
order to provide some compatibility for a few releases, however to
the best of my knowledge the current state of imake modularization
is not useable by 3rd party packages for building, although it will
likely become more useable as X11R7 nears.

I'm sending out this email both to alert and warn 3rd party package
developers that Imake is slowly being deprecated, and to seek
volunteers to find packages in Fedora Core, Fedora Extras, and
other 3rd party rpm repositories which depend on imake at build
time, and report them in the following Red Hat tracker bug:


If the package is part of Fedora Core or Extras and uses imake for
building, please also report a bug against that package in bugzilla,
so that the package maintainers are aware their packages may fail
to build with X11R7, and may need updates to continue building, or
may need to switch to GNU autotools.

Thanks in advance to any volunteers who step forward to help out
with this X11R7 modularization effort.


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