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Re: Split-off package config from release note packages

On Fri, Mar 31, 2006 at 02:20:24PM -0500, Jeff Spaleta wrote:
> On 3/31/06, Rex Dieter <rdieter math unl edu> wrote:
> > > But then hell breaks loose and people accuse JoeBob of forking fedora,
> > ...
> > > http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/JohnMahowald/ATrpmsWarning
> >
> > My $0.02:  I think flamebait, err, personal opinion stuff like that has
> > no place in fedoraproject's wiki.  It should be removed.
> Aren't there master wiki admins who can are tasked with policing the
> wiki content and dealing with people who have stepped over the line?
> Just a little history about this page... this author of that page
> originally had it as a top level page and not under his namespace. I
> suggested that he move it to inside his accountname space to make it
> clear that that page was in fact was personal opinion and not policy.
> Without clear guidelines as to what is allowable content I wasn't
> going to fight over whether or not the wiki can be used for opinion or
> editorial content at the time i found out that page existed.  I
> totally forgot to follow up and open a discussion on -extras-list as
> to whether or not opinion pieces were allowed.

For the record: The current incarnation of this page is already the
smooth version after I contacted John two weeks ago in private and
asked him to review the page and preferably remove it altogether.

I'm copying John, as he might want to say something about it. Instead
of asking wiki admins to edit his page away I'd prefer if he would
consider this himself. The least we really need is more dividing in
the fedora community camps, and I hope we can move forward with
cooperating parties instead of enforced policies.
Axel.Thimm at ATrpms.net

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