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Re: 'Commercial Partners'

Eric S. Raymond wrote:

wants the desktop and what it's prepared to do to get it.  It ties
into a larger issue about what the Linux community needs to do to
thrive under competitive pressure, which *is* a question for Fedora.

What does "competitive pressure" mean in the context of a Free OS?

I don't see a single reason to accept your dramatic characterizations as accurate.

Well, I've been right about this sort of thing before, and I've
continued to pay attention.  You're living in an industry
significantly shaped by the fact that I got some key market analysis
right and then addressed the implied problem, and a lot of VCs and
CEOs and investment bankers listen *very* respectfully when I talk.

This doesn't make me infallible, of course, but it does mean betting
that I'm wrong this time is not something to do casually.

Well good for you, but it doesn't get you a free ride on your dramatic characterizations of "Death of Linux Unless Y'all Do As I Say". If you spoke of anything to explain the reasoning behind the proposition of Linux dying unless it gets on a large number of desktops quickly on this thread, I missed it.

- Why shouldn't a dramatic growth of Linux on the Desktop have the opposite effect of triggering an apocalypse of attacks from MSFT on their various desktop-related patents?

- Why will market share defend against that when it didn't help RIM one bit, in fact made matters worse come the damages?

- Why is the current frog-boiling method while Linux and the Free apps improve and establish themselves deeper and deeper not good enough?

- In your theory, is Linux in the embedded space going to die too because MSFT continue to have ~90% of desktops?


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