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Re: Double dare ya, Fedora! And your art sucks!

On Fri, 2006-03-31 at 14:58 -0300, Casimiro de Almeida Barreto wrote:
> Excuses for all..

>         The current kernel (2.8.16-1.2083_FC6) issues a message that
>         the processor of my box is overheating, so speed is going
>         down... That's not true and I sent an e-mail... The answer
>         was: not enough data, but that was all the data recorded...
>         BTW, I'm not working in a morgue, but temperatures are around
>         20C... Solution? Easy: download kernel source (not available
>         by default), fix it, recompile it... re-install it. And now I
>         work without the annoyance of "clock speed throttling down
>         and" until the computer gets stuck... BTW, if someone cares,
>         heat sensors get crazy whenever FPU is required like with
>         setiathome (BOINC). Processor: Pentium 4 @ 2.8GHz (not that
>         Ferrari). All coolers and fans working properly...

The solution described above is not easy by any means. You have to do it
over and over again everytime there is a security fix. Try filing a bug
report and providing as much information as you can. Developers need to
be able to reproduce or atleast make an educated guess on what the
problem is before attempting to fix it. 

>         NVIDIA is a "recurrent" issue... and official position is that
>         people don't need NVIDA official drivers... 

There is no such official position. 


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