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Re: rawhide->fc5; X won't start

sean wrote:
Ray Strode wrote:

Ray Strode wrote:
OK, so no one else sees this.

Any suggestions as to how to diagnose this? Any way to get more verbose or clearer error messages?
If you run fc-cache -f from your user account does your problem go away?


Thanks for the suggestion, but...(:

Here's the console message from trying kde.

(==) Using config file: "/etc/X11/xorg.conf"
xset:  bad font path element (#76), possible causes are:
    Directory does not exist or has wrong permissions
    Directory missing fonts.dir
    Incorrect font server address or syntax
startkde: Starting up...
DCOP aborting call from 'anonymous-2482' to 'kded'
startkde: Shutting down...
klauncher: Exiting on signal 1

What if you manually add some font paths to your Xorg.conf
Try adding some of the ones in /usr/share/X11/fonts/
and /usr/share/fonts


Great idea, but no joy.

Same result.

I changed xorg.conf to:

Section "Files"

#    FontPath     "unix/:7100"
FontPath "/usr/share/X11/fonts/misc:unscaled" FontPath "/usr/share/X11/fonts/75dpi:unscaled" FontPath "/usr/share/X11/fonts/100dpi:unscaled" EndSection

And, FWIW,
find /usr/share/X11/fonts -name fonts.dir

Xorg.0.log shows no errors.

This is really frustrating. I no longer believe this a font issue. But I can't figure out how to get some log and error messages that show what's happening.


I installed xfce to see if it was a gnome/kde problem. Here's what shows on the xfce console:

(==) Using config file: "/etc/X11/xorg.conf"

/usr/bin/startxfce4: X server already running on display :0
Agent pid 4100
which: no xfce4-session in (/usr/kerberos/sbin:/usr/kerberos/bin:/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/sbin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/usr/X11R6/bin:/usr/NX/bin:/root/bin)

(xfce-mcs-manager:4103): libxfce4mcs-CRITICAL **: mcs_manager_add_channel_from_file: assertion `filename != NULL && strlen (filename) > 0' failed
/etc/xdg/xfce4/xinitrc: line 106:  4105 Segmentation fault      xfwm4 --daemon
** Message: Cannot connect to session manager
/etc/xdg/xfce4/xinitrc: line 123:  4108 Segmentation fault      xfcalendar
/etc/xdg/xfce4/xinitrc: line 123:  4110 Segmentation fault      $panel

So X appears to start - Fedora logo comes up; no error on Xorg.0.log.

But no gui's will start - not gnome,kde or xfce. Does this mean X isn't starting correctly so that the gui's can start? If not, what happens between X coming up and the gui's starting?

metacity?  Is there any way to cause metacity to do verbose logging?

Again, is there any way to get more verbose and clearer logs.

Or any other hints?


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