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Re: Fedora's way forward

Only two things are needed:

1) A way to install RPMs from a web browser. (It seems we have this)

2) A way to tell pirut to install packages from a web browser.

With these two things, a repo like Livna could easily make a page with
links like "Click here first to set up the Livna repository on your
system", and then a list of links like "Click here to install mp3
support" "Click here to install closed-source nVidia 3D support." "Click
here to play DVDs".

All you need is some kind of simple meta format, like the common
WinAmp .pls format, that tells pirut to install xorg-x11-drv-nvidia and
kmod-nvidia and whatnot. And perhaps include an ability to set a
"--enablerepo=livna" flag too, so if you don't have the livna repo
installed pirut can maybe give you some sane error like "Could not find
packages xxxx yyy, perhaps you should install the zzz repository."

Then when someone gets on IRC and asks for nVidia support or MP3, you
can just point them at a URL that will tell them everything.

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