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Re: Fedora's way forward

On 4/2/06, Eric S. Raymond <esr thyrsus com> wrote:
> Gilboa Davara <gilboad gmail com>:
> > If a user can't be bothered to read a FAQ, google for help, or, heaven
> > forbids, learn how to configure pirut/yum/rpm, he shouldn't be using
> > Fedora (or Linux).
> That's a horrible, elitist attitude thast will lose us the market-share war.

If Linux is going to win any perceived market share war, it won't be
because it has mp3 support. It will be because it reaches a critical
mass after which exponential growth is easy. Windows will still
probably have the majority of the market share once the mp3 patents
expire, and once we have reverse engineered all the 3d drivers, etc.
If you think Linux can take over Microsoft in a shorter time frame
than that you are delusional.

In this "war" we actually have a better position. That is, to maintain
the low market share we already have is much easier than it is for
Microsoft to maintain its huge market share it has. If we don't
provide mp3 support today in Fedora, the market share linux holds is
not going to fall like a stone -- it will stay the same. Lets just
concentrate on making a fundamentally better operating system, and the
rest will fall into place. We don't need to go against our morals,
ethics and project goals (supporting mp3 in Fedora) in order to
achieve this.

If you feel like continuing this discussion, please do it off the
list, as I'm sure everyone is very tired of it.


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