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Re: 'Commercial Partners'

Le dimanche 02 avril 2006 à 05:18 -0500, Callum Lerwick a écrit :
> The real solution is not to encumber Linux with closed source software,
> it is to encumber Windows with open source software.


1. Take a survey of windows/osx mp3/avi producers
2. Setup a site that promotes ogg/flac/theora tools for the same tasks,
and makes them easier to use than the mp3 tools (with howtos,
walkthroughs, deployment examples)
3. produce ogg/flac/theora windows/osx codec packages which are easy to
install, find and link to (*not* standalone players - lets not link
formats to applications like the dark side)

And you'll have done more for the unpatented formats than all this
nonsense (and would have relieved pressure on Fedora at the same time)

In France the public radio added ogg streams some time ago under massive
user pressure. The *only* reasons it had considered switching to
wma-only in the first place were :
1. real is too expensive
2. MS promised them a no-pain solution
3. setting up ogg streams was perceived as a black art on the client and
server side

The *same* arguments could have been advanced to justify IIS intead of
Apache if Apache didn't have extensive and well known documentation and
support communities.

Help anyone setup its own ogg webradio in 30 min max, and hardware
makers *will* take note.

Nicolas Mailhot

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