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Re: The Strengths and Weakness of Fedora/RHEL OS management

On Sun, 2 Apr 2006, Shane Stixrud wrote:

On Sun, 2 Apr 2006, Nicolas Mailhot wrote:

But why is the gdm conf file such crap ? Is this because gdm writers had
not lots of advanced configuration file libs at their disposition ?


Yes, arbitrary key names and value types do not limit the programmability or user intractability in _ANY_ way what so ever. Poor key names and values are SUBJECTIVE and thus can only be judged good or bad by their tendency to cause understanding or confusion.

It's because they consider :
1. the conf file is none of the user business
2. as a result little thought went in key naming
3. and even worse the keys themselves are not stable from release to

No, it is because naming is subjective in nature and what seems like a good name to an author might not be statistically a good choice for the masses. Btw the same holds true for configuration syntax and it is for this reason that a simple syntax that maintains all of the depth and functionality is superior to a complex custom syntax.


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